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Welcome to Faith In Government

We help Christian leaders in developing countries improve their governments. They do this by helping Christians connect their faith to their work, resulting in better service to the public and less corruption. Genuine Christian faith within government means that citizens can have more faith in their government, better schools and hospitals, and a healthier economy.


What we do

We raise funds in the UK and send them to Christian organizations in developing countries that are working to transform government from the inside. We assess potential partner organizations carefully before supporting them financially, to ensure that they are sincere, credible, led by local citizens not expatriates, and not aligned with any political party.

Why we do it

The World Bank describes corruption as ‘among the greatest obstacles to economic and social development’. Corruption costs developing countries at least five times as much as all the aid money they receive from donors. But evidence shows that active Christians can help control corruption, releasing government resources for education, health and other essential services. Government budgets are usually much larger than aid budgets, so even a small reduction in corruption can release millions of pounds to help the country develop.