Partner Organisations

We have been supporting one partner organization in Asia since 2012, and we want to start supporting another partner organization, this time in Africa. We assess potential partners carefully before supporting them financially, to ensure that they are sincere, credible, led by local citizens not expatriates, and not aligned with any political party.

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Impact in Asia

Since 2005 our partner in Asia has been conducting ‘moral values training’ for senior officers in the army and the police, through which many officers have come to Christ. One of them went on to become Chief of the Army. He used his position to ensure that national elections were fair, which allowed the election of a President who is committed to fighting corruption.Asian partner

The improvement in this country’s ratings on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) shows the huge impact this has had. Less corruption in this Asian country means more money for schools and hospitals, and a healthier economy.

A new start in Africa?

Since 2013 we have been getting to know the leader of a group of mature Christian graduates who hold positions in government, the army and business in one African country. Like many African countries it is rich in natural resources, but instead of being invested in schools, hospitals and essential infrastructure, the billions of dollars from selling these resources are lost to corruption.

The leader of this Christian group has extensive government experience of trying to fight corruption. Now he wants to help his colleagues in government, the army, and business work out how they can apply their faith in trying to fight corruption in their country. He has received death threats because of his work, so he sleeps every night with an armed policeman in his room. He writes: ‘I am aware that what I do is life threatening, especially in our highly traumatized and heavily armed society. Some of those who choose to collaborate with me can be subject to the same. So it is a real spiritual warfare I am undertaking. I believe that God is also in it, and as such I avail myself to be one of the tools He can use in my situation.

Faith In Government wants to help these courageous Christians by contributing to the cost of essential travel and accommodation as they develop their plans to fight corruption in their country. But we need to increase our support base before we can send them any funds!

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